Action Cameras

Shift Into The Next Gear In Action Cameras

With a focus on usability, Shift is a camera that can be used to its extreme potential by anyone that wishes to capture the beauty and excitement of the world.



A New Gear

Shift is my own personal take on the highly-trending product design of portable action cameras. Throughout most companies, emphasis has been placed purely on external quality, which in the end is "the point." However, I wanted to create new and developed features that fit the camera seamlessly into whatever it is you may want to do. I wanted to create a camera that you could rely on without thinking about, and destroy the stigma that is dragged around by compact cameras.

Concept Development


Inspired by the original Contour family, I went through multiple sketch iterations to find the right balance between familiarity and a stand-out product for the Contour camera product line.

3D Models

To ensure scale and ergonomics, I created an ABS model to take along with me on my personal adventures. My preperation time for video capture was noticably quicker (10 seonds vs. 30 seconds) and I did not have to worry about losing mounts and small pieces.

The Difference

It’s Just Another Action Camera, Yeah?

No. In fact the whole point of this project was to make something that other products ignore, the user. Smaller, faster, and better technology
are definitely impressive points but the emphasis on usability has fallen to the way-side. Coupled with existing tech, this camera was designed to be a true travel companion.


There is no need for a waterproof case as all mechanical aspects are sealed within the extruded aluminum shells. This means less parts and a much lighter camera.


Features fade when no longer necessary. The status light vanishes when off, the LCD merges with the shell, and the mounts fit flush with the camera body.


Removing the back door allows for external pieces to be added, such as larger batteries, view-finders, and specialty mounts.


No Buttons?

There is no need for multiple buttons. With WiFI capabilities for reviewing footage, the only thing the user wants the camera to do is record.
The camera is always off, unless it is capturing footage, and only has three modes that are easy to manage. Twisting the lens once turns the
camera on and begins recording. Twisting it once more allows for time-lapse, rapid-shot, and other specialty modes. To capture a photo, twist once and back to off.

Qlick Clips

The great power of a compact action camera is the ability to mount it to pretty much anything. Wether you're capturing point-of-view down the winter slopes, catching the gears on the back of your ATV, or taking the selfie of a lifetime, time mounting your camera should be the last of your worries. Shift slides and locks into place allowing you to switch camera angles in an instant, and knowing that your camera is secure.

The work shown is a representation of the type of work I produced during my time with Contour. These images were produced outside my schedule, and do not reflect current content, design, or other intellectual property of Contour.