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Jamco America

Industrial & Interaction Design

A reflection of my work while at Jamco.

I was tasked with a multitude of projects ranging from GUI design and mock-ups to rapid concept development and production. I also collaborated with a team to produce models and visuals for the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 in Germany.


Concept Development

Visual Guides

While working with Jamco, my primary task was in concept development and presentation. I created aesthetic guides and supported them with sketches and Photoshop renderings. The work shown below is representative of the multiple galley iterations that I went through, and ultimately a final model. I did similar work on our latest first class seating units, as well as prepare company specific renderings and sales presentations for client acquisition.


Crisp Modularity

Simple Shapes and Obvious Relationships

Natural Elegance

Complex Patterns Crafted with Utility.


Intricate Motion

Endless curves intertwined with structure.



Airline Specific Presentations

Jamco reaches many major airlines in the industry, and we want each to feel equally valued. Models, content, interfaces, textures and accessories would be catered to the targeted company to create a sense of ownership. Once a company could easily visualize their assets among our design, we could begin a much more personal conversation.

Form & Utility

Piecing the Puzzle

Technology Intertwined with Form

In an airplane you only have so much space to work with, and creating a space that is both functional and beautiful requires careful design planning. Every piece has its purpose, and even multiple purposes with form entities doubling as functional, mechanical systems. Integrating all the style and technology with the fundamental needs kept the project on track, and resulted in a cohesive and space-efficient design.





Connectivity Among Airlines

Every airline has its own in-flight system. On-board meal options, a variety of entertainment, site-specific shopping menus, and schedules take on many different shapes and forms. Although not necessarily the biggest of issues for the infrequent flyer, there is great room for consolidation and personalization. Just a simple though, imagine a system that remembers you.


The Frame

I wanted to put together a structure that gave both airlines and travelers control over their UI space. Modularity allows for clear separation of space, and from there I designated what was fixed, what was adjustable, and what was customizable. The grand purpose of this was to feed into the concept of connectivity. As a flyer, the content can change but always remain familiar.


Common Familiarity

For the majority of us that are constantly plugged in, we have already shaped our own preferences of on screen experiences. For those of us that this statement is untrue, we would like to be given only what is necessary. Taking this further, even outside of the digital world, people feel more comfortable when a situation is familiar. A flight attendant who can greet you by name with a smile is instantly going to get a better reaction out of the guests they wish to help. Creating a whole experience centered around connectivity will create a sense of common familiarity.

The Traveler

Have you ever taken a seat in a car that adjusts to your body the instant you turn it on? It is set up for you, and it is comfortable. Imagine the same feeling you would get when you find your seat on-board to find your movie paused right where you left it.

This system would remember your personal settings, entertainment interests, and even food preferences and allergies. Every time you fly you can be greeted with a sense of familiarity, and pick up right where you left off.


Attendant Use

Flight attendants strive to create a one-on-one personal connection with their guests each flight. Provided with information, they could achieve higher levels of personal service and overall flight functionality.

Similar to a barista remembering your drink at your favorite cafe, frequent flyer preferences could be utilized by the on-board attendants. Simply greeting a guest by name will instantly create comfort, not to mention the ability to recommend meal options, or serve their favorite drink even while they are sleeping.

The work shown is a representation of the type of work I produced during my time with Jamco. These images were produced outside my schedule, and do not reflect current content, design, or other intellectual property of Jamco America.